Datamation Systems, Inc.

Datamation Systems has been providing security and device management, specialized work station and document handling solutions since 1963. Since its inception, Datamation Systems has grown into a leader in the application of new technologies and good management practices in the areas of equipment and information security, task-specific work station design, office ergonomics, mail and distribution systems, and filing and document management.

We are the largest and most experienced source in the United States for several categories of equipment, including USB docking stations, charging carts and cabinets, mobile device management and anti-theft devices for equipment. We provide solutions for many of our largest hospitals, school systems, universities and corporations.

We have extensive experience with government and institutional applications, especially coordinating equipment deployments with systems integrators and infrastructure managers. We have distributed nationally a variety of innovative tablet, mobile device and Chromebook devices. We have developed specialized work stations for technology-intensive environments, including innovative workstations for people who are physically challenged, command centers and flexible trading desks.

We can also help implement the orderly and efficient deployment of technology, with the help of our experienced field service staff. Our secure warehouse facility is located only minutes from Manhattan and we can provide services ranging from receiving and storage to asset tagging, especially when provided with our security and furniture.

Whether they are operations managers, technology providers or architects and designers, our customers use us best when they have an idea they would like to develop or a problem they would like to solve.

Netsafe-IPCSThe first charge-and-sync solution suite designed for the way iPads are really used.

First, we made first security cart for Apple’s iPad™. Then, the first sync-and-charge solutions. Now, the most complete range of iPad deployment tools.

With the release of the latest iPad (and all previous generations), schools and other organizations have been looking at tablets and e-Readers in new and innovative ways. Datamation Systems introduced the first of a series of secure, compact, efficient and affordable storage solutions for iPads, iPad minis, iPods, iPhones and other mobile devices.these new devices.

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Sync Charge

Solutions to Sync and Charge your IPads and other USB devices.

Sync & Charge Strategies

We are proud to announce the first true simultaneous charge and sync solutions.


Secure Storage

Cabinets, carts and safes to secure, sync and charge.

Carts, Cabinets & Safes

Datamation Systems offers the most comprehensive range of solutions to sync, charge, store and secure your iPads.


Transport Cases

Travel cases to safely move iPads and USB Sync and Charge devices.

Portable Storage & Security Solutions

Different versions store and deliver 10, 16, 24 and 38 iPads (even when used in most protective cases) and a MacBook™ or other notebook host.