Parasync for iPads

Model #DS-IP-Parasync

Discontinued – Please contact us for release date of newest models
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The Parasync for iPads has been the only professional, durable docking solution for charging and syncing iPads. The DS-IP-Parasync for the iPad and iPad2 has been discontinued. But new models are expected. Please contact us for details.

Product Solutions:

Sync Charge

Solutions to Sync and Charge your IPads and other USB devices.

Sync & Charge Strategies

We are proud to announce the first true simultaneous charge and sync solutions.


Secure Storage

Cabinets, carts and safes to secure, sync and charge.

Carts, Cabinets & Safes

Datamation Systems offers the most comprehensive range of solutions to sync, charge, store and secure your iPads.


Transport Cases

Travel cases to safely move iPads and USB Sync and Charge devices.

Portable Storage & Security Solutions

Different versions store and deliver 10, 16, 24 and 38 iPads (even when used in most protective cases) and a MacBook™ or other notebook host.