Security ID Tags and Recovery Services

A cost-effective way to protect iPads is to use security plates that provide a reliable, affordable recovery service.

For many years, Datamation Systems has recommended our customers use the STOP security tracking system that combines a patented ID plate with a registration and recovery service. These plates not only deter theft but they allow organizations to provide inventory tracking.

Large security plate protects iPads
and provides protective tattoo.

Small security plate is less prominent
and provides protective tattoo.

STOP plates have a unique bar code and serial number and a toll-free number to report items that have been found. They also have a patented “tatoo” that embeds a permanent warning on your iPads so they cannot be re-sold if they are lost or stolen.

If someone finds your iPad, they call the monitoring service and STOP makes arrangements for its return or recovery.

A number of customers have told us they are protecting iPads with these simple, affordable asset tags (and the service they provide).

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