Secure and Charge 20 iPads


The challenge: Protecting and re-charging iPads as they are being deployed in classrooms, libraries and training facilities. This table-top cabinet takes up very little physical space and delivers an ideal storage and charging solution just where it is needed. The cabinet handles between 16 iPads (in most common cases) and 20 (out of cases).

Secure: The DS-NETSAFE-IPC has a very secure integrated locking mechanism, the hallmark of all Datamation Systems products.

Charge: The DS-NETSAFE-IPC simultaneously charges up to 20 iPads and plugs into standard wall outlets. It contains two 12-outlet UL-listed Belkin power strips with adjustable outlet blocks to handle the iPad™ AC adapters and provide some extra accessory outlets.

Sustainable: Use the USB cables Apple provides, reducing waste and lowering costs for our customers. The DS-NETSAFE-IPC is made with recycled material where possible with an energy-efficient design. It is durable and adjustable, so it can change with new technology.

Model # DS-NETSAFE-IPC Features:

  • Durable steel construction and industry-best locking mechanism
  • Holds 16-20 iPads (capacity depends on the types of cases or no cases)
  • Adjustable dividers and innovative adjustable backstop design
  • Two UL-listed Belkin 12-outlet power strips with adjustable outlet blocks for simultaneously charging using Apple–provided AC adapters and cables
  • Extra outlets for MacBook® or other accessories
  • Secure storage for MacBook
  • Cable management bar system
  • Mounting holes for bolting to counter or desk
  • Product weight: 63 pounds
  • Dimensions (case): 17″H x 21″W x 19”D
  • Designed for use with Apple-provided iPad USB cables

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Price:  $690

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