iPad Carts: Charge, Sync & Security

And, now, the option of EtherSync remote management over Gigabit Ethernet Cart solutions that fit how you use your new iPads

Choosing the right carts can save you space, money and even improve instruction and classroom management. Datamation Systems created the very first carts for the original iPad™ — the NETVAULT-IP series — and now we offer solutions that include sync-charge and charge-only security carts and cabinets in a variety of sizes, including the innovative and compact, top-loading Gather’Round™ series. These are compatible with all generations of iPads, even the iPad Pro.  Contact us for details.

The latest capability is the EtherSync remote management appliance that permits secure network control of USB devices using your existing software (Configurator, iTunes, etc.).   Click here

The key factors in selecting a cart are:

  • Capacity: How many does it hold? Our carts provide secure storage and rapid charging for 20, 24, 32, 36 or 40 iPads (24, 32 or 40 for the latest sync and charge carts). And their capacity is “real” – even if you use your iPads in the most common cases.*
  • Cost: Our carts provide great value. And, when you create a planned “ecosystem” for your iPad deployment, you can save thousands of dollars with the appropriate kinds of shared resources, especially for syncing.
    Click here for more information.
  • Safety and Security: Proudly made in the US, all our carts have best-in-class security: durable, secure locking systems that provide real peace of mind, especially compared to padlocks, wafer locks and plastic construction. And they meet or exceed all regulatory standards for safety.
  • Compact and easy-to-move: These carts provide fast and easy access to the iPad’s technology. Carts with small footprints are especially important in tight classroom spaces and make our carts easy to store. The innovative GR-series has the trademarked “GatherRound™” top-loading design that makes it faster and easier for students to get in and out of the technology, which is great for teachers. Click here for more information.

These carts also work with other eBook readers, such as Amazon’s Kindle and Kindle Fire and the Barnes & Noble Nook, as well as most tablets including the Samsung Galaxy and Dell Latitude 10. When the next generation of iPad is released, your cart can continue to accommodate them. They won’t become obsolete, even if the cases and accessories you use change.

Univault 36 Cart

DS-UNIVAULT-36 (charge carts)

DS-NETVAULT-IP (charge carts)

DS Gather’Round Carts
(charge & sync-charge versions)

If you use special cases (such as Gripcase, Clamcase, Griffin Survivor or Parat), we have solutions

Need Apple-certified USB cables? click here

Datamation Systems welcomes OEM inquiries for components and custom builds

* For iPads used in cases, all our cart dividers are adjustable. Make sure you check the type of case you use. Many other carts do not work with all common cases. Case size may affect cart capacity. iPad is a Trademark of Apple, Inc. GatherRound is a Trademark of Datamation Systems, Inc.

Gather’Round Cart Unique Features

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