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Charge / Sync and Charge Carts for iPads

Finally, a cart design that actually increases instructional time and improves classroom management and speeds up IT deployment.

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32 and 40 Capacity
24 Capacity

These Datamation Systems iPad and tablet carts are the most compact, user-friendly and affordable cart systems you can find. If you want a cart that syncs and charges, the DS-GR-T-M32-SC will handle up to 32 iPads™; the DS-GR-T-L40-SC handles 40. The DS-GR-T-S24-SC will handle 24 iPads. Gather’Round charge-only carts in the same capacities will do the job.

All these make use of Datamation Systems’ trademarked “GatherRound”™ design which lets students and teachers remove and return iPads in a quick and easy manner. Gather’Round carts improve classroom management and increase instruction time, something no other cart can claim.

These carts have adjustable dividers so you can space your iPads to fit the cases of your choice, also making the carts adaptable to future technology changes.

Like all Datamation Systems carts, the top-load carts have strong, drill-proof, pick-proof locking systems and excellent security. All are proudly made in the US and equipped with convenient, easy-to-configure wire management systems.

And, as part of the Datamation Systems suite of iPad solutions, you can create the right ecosystem for your iPad deployment, now and in the future.
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  • Sync and Charge Cart 32: Syncs, charges and protects up to 32 iPads click here.
  • Sync and Charge Cart 24: Syncs, charges and protects up to 24 iPads click here.
  • Sync and Charge Cart 40: Syncs, charges and protects up to 40 iPads click here.
  • Charge-Only Tablet Cart: click here.
  • For iPad minis, charge and sync charge versions for 32 minis, click here.

Versions of these carts may also work with most tablets and eReaders, including the Samsung Galaxy, Dell Latitude and XPS tablets, HP TouchPad, Kindle and Nook.

SPECIAL TECH NOTE: The Cambrionix USB boards that power the sync-charge versions of these carts are designed to include a unique computer control mode that lets more sophisticated users control communication with each USB port. You can write your own scripts or apps in ways no other sync hub allows. Click here for more information.

Gather’Round Cart Unique Features

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Datamation Systems welcomes OEM inquiries for components and custom builds

* For iPads used in cases, all of our cart dividers are adjustable. Make sure you check the type of case you use. Many other carts do not work with all common cases. Case size may affect cart capacity. iPad is a Trademark of Apple, Inc. GatherRound is a Trademark of Datamation Systems, Inc.

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