A powerful feature built into Datamation Systems USB solutions can give you unprecedented control over your USB devices.
Our USB hubs and related cabinets and carts are based on components developed by Cambrionix, leaders in mobile technology for charging and connectivity. These solutions are designed and built for professional environments. They are truly future-proof, allowing field updates to device firmware. And they are built to last.

Most users communicate with these hubs using software tools such as Apple Configurator, iTunes and other mobile device management products.

But many do not even know that these hubs also offer user control of devices connected to each port with the Cambrionix API.
Available for use on GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh computers, this interface allows developers to write simple scripts to control or retrieve information from iPhones, iPads, Android tablets and phones and other USB devices (such as scanners, cameras, VR devices, etc.).

What can you do with this Cambrionix API? Here are some examples:

  • Create scheduled updates for devices
  • Permit self-enrollment provisioning beyond DEP
  • Identify each device, its serial number and its status and log device activity at the hub
  • Use a host or network connection to communicate with the hub and its connected devices
  • Interface with mobile device management software, such as GroundControl
  • Create USB-over-IP capabilities with appliances such as EtherSync
  • Enable diagnostics and self-repair broken devices
  • Automatically re-provision devices
  • Remotely monitor charge rate and, depending on device capabilities, monitor charge status
  • Create LED identification to display the status of each device (such as charging, fully charged, syncing, failure)
  • Customize charge rate for low power charging (manage power draw)
  • Customize single-device or multi-device syncing
  • Monitor when a device is connected or disconnected and trigger notifications when unauthorized activity takes place (for example, if a device is disconnected between certain hours, sending a text or email notification)

The Cambrionix API consists of a service module or daemon that is loaded on host computer. The service module is accessed via JSON-RPC calls over a TCP/IP socket. We can provide customers with sample Python code complete with the necessary JSON library code to be able to make the necessary calls for controlling our Cambrionix universal hubs connected to the host computer.

It is possible to access the API from any programming environment that has support for making JSON-RPC calls over a TCP/IP socket.
The Cambrionxi API works across the full range of our Cambrionix devices, including the new, superfast ThunderSync: the first Thunderbolt sync and charge hub.

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