Universal USB Hubs for Apple Devices and Others

  • Universal USB charging
  • User-programmable
  • Future-proof

The “holy grail” of device charging has long been a universal charger, one that can identify any type of USB-chargeable device, set the charger to the device’s optimum charging profile and charge it to its optimum specs.

Dozens of charging hubs claim to be “universal” but they are not. They are either underpowered, failing to deliver the maximum and best power to each port. Or they just apply one charging standard to anything that is plugged in.

Charging large numbers of devices is a challenge for schools, businesses and other organizations — iPads, iPhones, iPods, Samsung Galaxies, tablets, Kindles, Nooks and other eReaders, mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets, scanners, game controllers, cameras, 3D glasses . . . virtually anything that charges via standalone USB.*

Datamation Systems is pleased to offer two types of professional USB charging stations – the first of their kind. One has eight ports; the other 16. And each is available in charge and sync charge configurations.

Universal 8-Port USB Hubs (sync charge and Charge-only)

DS-SC-U8 Universal Sync Charge (special order)
DS-C-U8 Universal Charger
Series8 Universal Charger (Home) (limited stock)

With the expertise of Cambrionix, the leader in state-of-the-art USB technology, this is the latest addition to Datamation Systems’ extensive suite of charge, sync, security and storage products for iPads and other devices.

The U8 and U16 hubs adjust each USB port to the optimal charging profile as each device is plugged into the hub. This saves power, optimizes charging speed and helps prolong battery life. Both the charge-only versions can be used to replace bulky power strips and the AC adapter bricks of standard chargers.

Universal 16-Port USB Hubs (sync charge and charge-only)

DS-SC-U16 Universal Sync Charge
DS-C-U16 Universal Charger

Expansion ports: The sync charge versions have expansion ports for daisy-chaining multiple hubs and offer sophisticated syncing capabilities.

Syncing and file management: They Ideally suited for many file management applications that have USB syncing features, these hubs support the syncing of Apple iPads, iPad minis, iPhones and iPods using iTunes, Apple Configurator and other wired MDM software.

Future-Proof: Perhaps just as important, these advanced, professional hubs are future-proof. Their firmware can be updated with new charging profiles as new USB devices are introduced. Firmware is updated from a web site and ported from a host (PC or MAC) directly to the hub. If a device profile is not available, Cambrionix will create one. When new devices are created (and many will be created), your charging hub will not be rendered obsolete.

User-Programs: Unlike any other professional hub, the sync charge versions of the U8 and U16 hubs let you write your own terminal emulation scripts to control the hubs and devices connected to each port. This lets more sophisticated users create their own applications to conserve energy, change between charge and sync modes and schedule or control devices. A convenient host port permits this software access.  For additional information on applications we offer to manage your mobile devices, as well as 3rd-party MDM platforms, click here.

The Datamation Systems U8 and U16 hubs can be placed in a cabinet, cart or carrying case. They can also be placed on a table or under a counter. They are perfect for tech centers, trade shows, traveling labs and training centers. Contact us for specific requests.

*Some devices only charge with a host connection which requires the sync charge version of our hubs and a connected host.


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