Carts, Cabinets and Safes (Sync, Charge & Secure)

iPad Carts, Cabinets and Safes

Datamation Systems offers the most comprehensive range of solutions to sync, charge, store and secure your iPads. We offer carts, cabinets, safes and mobile device management trays for just about any application for up to 40 iPads. Our solutions are fully compatible with Apple’s iPad Configurator and are Windows or IOS compatible.

For remote Ethernet management of iOS devices, click here.

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The Value of White Glove Service

In certain areas, Datamation Systems can provide a menu of “white glove” services, including asset tagging, custom imprints and delivery of fully loaded and pre-cabled carts to each classroom or deployment location, saving staff time, packaging disposal and facility disruption.

Contact us to learn how this might work for you.

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