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Sync, Charge and Protect iPhones, iPods

Trays (Mobile Device Managers)

Mobile Device Manager trays provide charge, sync and security options for 16-32 devices and accessories such as scanners and battery packs.

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UniDock™ — Self-Healing Smart Dock for Clinical Communications

GroundControl and Datamation Systems are proud to introduce UniDock, a self-healing iPhone smart dock for clinical communications.

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49 Port USB Sync Station

The DS-IP-SC-49 provides a professional station that lets you simultaneously sync up to 49 iPods, iPhones, iPads and certain other USB devices. It will also provide charging capability for some devices (depending on their charging requirements).

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20 iPods Dock With a Secure Docking Enclosure

The DS-SYNC-LOCK will charge, sync and secure up to 20 iPods or iPhones from a single iTunes library. It docks the devices for easy use. It can be provided with our without a desktop security enclosure that also protects a MacBook.

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Gather ‘Round Cart to Sync and Charge Up to 40 iPhones

The DS-GR-P-S40-SC Security cart features universal Cambrionix USB hub to sync and charge up to 40 iPhones. Gather’Round technology permits device access from both sides of cart.

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32-port Charge and Sync Console

The DS-SC-U32 is a 32-port sync and charge station. Each of its 32 USB ports delivers 2.1A for charging iPads, iPhones and iPods and syncs the same way as the most advanced cart-based hubs.

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16-port Universal USB Hubs

The DS-SC-U16 Universal 16-port charge and sync USB hubs work perfectly for iPods, iPhones and other mobile devices.

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8-port Universal USB Hubs

The DS-SC-U8 and DS-C-U8 are compact and affordable 8-port universal USB hubs to charge or sync-charge iPods and iPhones.

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You can provide the USB device cables or an optional iPad-to-USB accessory bundle is available from Datamation Systems.

Using a Mac as a host, this large capacity sync station can also be used with Apple iTunes for connecting multiple iPads, iPod Touch or similar devices, thus allowing you to synchronize supported content on multiple Apple devices simultaneously. For other applications, it can be used as a USB hub with Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems but may have software limitations with a non-Mac host.

iPad, iPod, iPhone, iTunes, iPod Touch and MacBook are trademarks of Apple, Inc.

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Sync Charge

Solutions to Sync and Charge your IPads and other USB devices.

Sync & Charge Strategies

We are proud to announce the first true simultaneous charge and sync solutions.


Secure Storage

Cabinets, carts and safes to secure, sync and charge.

Carts, Cabinets & Safes

Datamation Systems offers the most comprehensive range of solutions to sync, charge, store and secure your iPads.


Transport Cases

Travel cases to safely move iPads and USB Sync and Charge devices.

Portable Storage & Security Solutions

Different versions store and deliver 10, 16, 24 and 38 iPads (even when used in most protective cases) and a MacBook™ or other notebook host.