By Chris Haynes 14 September 2016

49 USB devices? That’s so 2009!

2009 – Simultaneously sync data to 49 USB devices

Way back in 2009 Cambrionix developed, and sold, a 49 Port USB Hub and the world rejoiced (and bloggers blogged). This was the ideal device to easily transfer data to 49 USB devices!

No more scavenging for hubs to allow all your USB widgets to have a little slice of power and data from your computer, no more lonely flash drives collecting dust, no more tears.

49 Ports was enough to build your own USB device village right there on your desk.

2015 – Enter the SyncPad54 – new and improved

Cambrionix listened to customer feedback and released a new version of that uber-hub but this time its even bigger, comes with its own case and a much smaller power supply making it generally a much more usable USB hub.

Feedback often included that the 49er could have had a few extra ports and a case, you can’t please everyone I guess! If you do need more than 54 ports then buy two units and daisy chain them to provide 108 ports for simultaneous data transfer/testing from one host port! Wow!

So, our engineers listened, drank coffee, listened some more, had lunch, and then added, well, more stuff. Not content with just extra ports, the guys added a custom plastic case and a 180W power supply to complete the package.

The 54’er was born, or as we have lovingly named it, the ‘SyncPad54’. How very grand.


The new cased Cambrionix SyncPad54 USB Hub with 54 ports allowing data sync to USB Devices

The above photo is of the Cambrionix SyncPad54, cased and ready for action to sync data to USB devices.


SyncPad54 uncased - 54 port USB hub

The image above is a naked (uncased) picture of the Cambrionix SyncPad54 with its tech hanging out for all to see!

Use cases for the Cambrionix SyncPad54

Now, you may be thinking that this has no place next to your computer at home and generally you’d be right.

This is a product that Cambrionix designed for the industrial or office user who needs to access many USB devices (sensors, GSM/GPRS transceivers, security or Bluetooth fobs/dongles etc) simultaneously either for programming or testing purposes or some other ‘special’ purpose.

The SyncPad54 has passed CE, FCC and UL testing by a national laboratory to ensure safety and the avoidance of any “your hub burned my house down” problems in the future.

So, if you’re looking for a very large scale, reliable, safe, industrial standard USB hub then the SyncPad54 is probably right up your street!

The SyncPad54 is available from Datamation Systems, Inc.  For more information, contact us.