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ThunderSync16 Universal USB Thunderbolt 16 Port Hub  – Probably the Fastest Hub on Earth

Transfer Speeds of up to 20 Gbits per second!

If you have large data syncing requirements and want to take advantage of the data transfer speeds offered by Thunderbolt, the ThunderSync16 will be the perfect way to meet your needs.  This advanced 16-port Thunderbolt hub developed by our partner, Cambrionix, delivers increased speeds for transferring data between a host thunderbolt connection and 16 attached devices, even USB2.0 devices.
As the name suggests, the ThunderSync 16 has 16 USB2.0 ports, but it provides transfer speeds of up to 20 Gbits per second, making light work of huge data transfer requirements: video, operating system updates and situations when a large throughput of data is required in the shortest possible time.
The ThunderSync 16 comes as a finished solution, ready to use. For special applications, it can be provided as an OEM component. It also supports universal charging of any USB (up to 2.4A simultaneously!) as well as device and firmware upgradability to support future products.   Unique Open API to permit user-defined scripts to monitor or control each connected device.
Some computers are limited in the number of USB devices that can be attached. The ThunderSync 16 does not have this limitation due to each port having its own USB host controller.
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Price: $1,550


ThunderSync16 features:

  • Compact, durable, easy-to-use form factor
  • Up to 2.4 amps of charge to each of the 16 ports simultaneously
  • Intelligent charging to support any USB device
  • Upgradable firmware
  • Unique Open API to permit user-defined scripts to monitor or control each connected device.
  • API – Mac, Windows and Linux (see below)
  • UK designed and manufactured by Cambrionix
  • Speeds in test scenario: 5GB file transfer to 16 devices was four minutes compared to more than 40 minutes (in a typical USB transfer scenario).  That is 10x.  We have been told of field experience of 2x-16x.
* Improved performance is possible with faster computer hardware. Lower performance hardware may result in slower data transfer speeds than what is demonstrated in the product video shown on our web site and conducted by Cambrionix. Examples of factors that may affect performance: the SSD, host processor, host MacBook or iMac, OS or other software, RAM on host, cables, etc. Consult your IT department for the optimal configuration to take advantage of the speed of the ThunderSync16. Please go to our website for more details.

ThunderSync16 – Process data up/to 16 x faster!

If you are working in an environment that requires large amounts of data throughput, or you need to be able to connect a large number of devices to a single host computer without reducing data transfer speed, ThunderSync 16 gives you that ability. Perfect for mobile device OEMs, mobile phone re-marketing companies, software and hardware test labs, open device labs, IT outsourcing companies, 4k video content and VR specialists.  It is perfect for provisioning and re-deploying large numbers of devices.

• ThunderSync16 operates at up to 20Gbits per second and provides 16 480Mbits per second High-Speed USB2.0 ports!

The Unique Cambrionix API – For Advanced Programming

For the more technical users we have a Mac, Windows and Linux API (Application Programming Interface), enabling you to develop your own scripts for testing procedures and monitoring.  Our API also offers individual USB port controls allowing you to change the status of each individual USB port using your own script via our Cambrionix API.


Cambrionix ThunderSync16 Charging


Cambrionix ThunderSync16 – The fastest way to transfer data and test devices!

This unit intelligently supplies up to 2.4 Amps (12W) to each USB port, allowing your devices to charge at the fastest possible rate essential for today’s power hungry devices. Utilizing Cambrionix’s proprietary ‘Very Intelligent Charging’ protocol, it will also work with any USB chargeable device on the market today and can be configured to charge future devices easily with our field updatable firmware.

Whatever task you are responsible for, make sure you do it faster with the ThunderSync16!

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