UniDock™ in Retail

Retailers using mobile devices for POS, sales, customer information or training can use UniDock for fast drop-and-go charging and connectivity. The UniDock’s patented adjustable guide system accommodates devices and cases from a naked iPod to an iPhone 7+ in an Otterbox.

This makes it virtually futureproof, especially with its field updatable firmware, network connectivity and open API.

It also works with platforms such as GroundControl’s mobility management platform.

Datamation Systems has thousands of USB hub trays, enclosures and other tools in leading healthcare organizations, providing professional, durable and flexible solutions.  Click here for examples.

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Easy docking for 16 iPhones, iPods or Android devices in most protective cases.

Unique docking system is “future-proof”.  It can be used to handle devices from a naked iPod to an iPhone 7+ in an Otterbox case.

LED displays for charge and sync functions. Durable acrylic top helps guide the docking of devices and is easy to clear.

“UniDock” is a trademark of Datamation Systems, Inc.