UniDock™ in Healthcare for Mobile Communications

If you reached this page, you are working to manage your mission critical mobile communication devices. As the latest, most innovative part of our extensive suite of charging, syncing and security solutions for mobile devices, Datamation Systems developed the UniDock to address the specific needs of healthcare providers.  It is the first drop-and-go docking charge and sync solution that handles iOS or Android devices in most protective cases and many mophie/sled attachments. It was developed for hospitals, nursing homes, chronic care centers and other institutions that use mobile devices as part of their daily operation.

It integrates to tethered management software, such as Apple Configurator and GroundControl virtually any USB-managed software. And it is built with an advanced, open API for user-designed scripts. It is future-proof, with user-updateable firmware.

What does the UniDock Smart hub offer? UniDock is unique for several reasons.  

  1. Easily docks almost any mobile devices (iOS and Android).
  2. Eliminates the tangle and hassle of connecting cables for true dock-and-go charging and sync connections; much easier for busy nursing staff.
  3. Adjustable guides handle a variety of devices with virtually any case and many peripherals.  This permits the use smartphones with many battery packs and sleds.  And these can be adjusted to accommodate future models.
  4. Can be provided with Lightning or micro-USB connectors and can be retrofitted in the future.
  5. Provides charge and sync functions simultaneously.
  6. Integrates to most tethered management software, such as Apple Configurator and GroundControl.   Tethered connections are now preferred for provisioning and updating devices with patient data and other sensitive information.  Tethered management also avoids stresses on wireless networks for large data updates on a significant number of devices.
  7. Built on an open API for user-designed scripts. UniDock and most of our other universal hubs can be integrated to existing applications offering enterprise wide control of devices while connected for charging and syncing.
  8. Has future-proof, user-updateable firmware to make sure your future equipment works to its optimal standards.
  9. Our Live-View software can be used to monitor device status.

Datamation Systems has thousands of USB trays, enclosures and other tools in leading healthcare organizations, providing professional, durable and flexible solutions.  Click here for examples.

UniDock for Mobile Healthcare

Support for Mission Critical Mobile Devices

  • Universal charging hubs support almost all common smartphones and tablets, iOS and Android
  • Field updatable firmware
  • API permits real-time diagnostic, control and management of attached devices
  • Lightning, micro-USB & USB-C possible, with ability to convert.

Integration with leading communication platforms and enterprise-wide systems

  • Apple Configurator
  • GroundControl
  • Voalte
  • Can be used with applications like Mobile Heartbeat
  • Other USB-connected management tools
  • Standalone operations for operational units

Flexible platform for mixed application use

  • Charge batteries
  • Sync-Charge Smartphones
  • Communication hubs for enterprise data collection

UniDock Features:

Easy docking for 16 iPhones, iPods or Android devices in most protective cases.
Can be daisy chained for larger capacities.

Unique docking system is “future-proof”.  It can be used to handle devices from the size of a naked iPod to an iPhone 7+ in an Otterbox case.

LEDs display charge and sync functions. Scratch-resistant acrylic top helps guide the docking of devices and is easy to clean.

Compatible Solutions

GroundControl directly configures Apple mobile devices through USB and indirectly manages your mobile infrastructure through third party APIs. This allows your mobile services — MDM, WiFi controllers, apps, caching servers, and DEP if you have it — to work in concert in ways you only dreamed possible.  Used with the Unidock and other Datamation Systems solutions, GroundControl can:

  1. Digitally “sanitize” shared devices to remove personal data
  2. Enable “Self-Healing” of misconfigured devices
  3. Set up or re-provision devices with TRUE zero-touch
  4. Ask about “Device Lock” feature that provides an effective theft deterrent
  5. Ask about “Asset Locator” management tool
  6. Lock devices to specific apps, or lock out Apple IDs and iCloud
  7. Block unapproved WiFi networks
  8. Switch devices from one MDM server to another
  9. Set specific app settings for groups of devices
  10. Keep iOS and apps up to date to maintain security, but without interrupting the work day.

Datamation Systems partners with GroundControl offering unique solutions to secure, charge and sync the entire range of Apple mobile devices. Along with Cambrionix, we are among the first companies to provide the ThunderSync16 hub capable of syncing at over 20 Gbits/s using Thunderbolt host ports.  In addition, Powerful yet simple applications to protect institutional iPhones.

GroundControl’s MfU (Made for UniDock) design achieves complete device management and security.  Videos showing GroundControl enterprise solutions can be seen here. For more information, you can visit GC and their integration resources here.

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Apple Configurator

Datamation Systems products work with Configurator and related front end management tools and can be adapted to other third party communication and management systems.

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“UniDock” is a trademark of Datamation Systems, Inc.