Badge-Tap and Key Lock Protection for Device Docks

Datamation Systems UniDock

Stackable Security Risers

  • Secure platforms to protect smartphones from theft and control access
  • Badge tap version authenticates and records access, just like a door lock, releasing glide drawer so you can access phones
  • Works with third-party software, such as GroundControl’s check-in-check-out feature for iOS devices
  • Mechanical key lock version also available
  • Uses durable Southco latch system that works like a car door.
  • Made of 16 gauge white, powder-coated steel; easy to clean
  • Optional badge reader and USB controller (your access control vendor can integrate to Southco standard)
  • Equipped with an emergency key override lock
  • Optional mobile base (coming soon)
  • Can be stacked (modular)
  • Weight: 24 pounds
  • Dimensions: 16”W x 15.25”D x 10.8”H
  • UniDock™ sold separately (not included)

Proudly made in the USA

UniLock Riser Cabinet to Protect and Charge 8 Mobile Devices

UniLock 2.0 risers (lock only and electronic latch versions)

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Other UniDock Features:

  • Highest quality electronics and robust power supply enables the quickest charge up to 2.1A of all available devices in standalone charge mode (1.5A when connected to a host).
  • Powered by the industry-leading USB technology of Cambrionix, UniDocks can be daisy-chained for larger configurations.
  • Future-proof design accommodates a variety of devices, protective cases and future cable connections, from a naked iPod to an iPhone 8+ in an Otterbox case.  It can also accommodate many peripherals such as battery packs and sleds.
  • The UniDock can be configured for Lightning, micro USB and USB-C cable connections and can be converted in the future so you don’t have to throw out your investment when your equipment changes.
  • Intuitive LED indicators show charging and readiness of each device. LEDs can be controlled using the UniDock API or software built on its platform.
  • Fully integrated syncing with management software (such as GroundControl or Configurator) provides control over the timing and security of iOS and application updates as well as the provisioning repair and reset of devices.  It can provide a secure Check-in/Check-out system.

Compatible With:

Apple Configurator

A comprehensive suite of management tools, including their unique device lock, check-in/check-out and live repair capabilities

Powerful yet simple applications to protect institutional iPhones.  See how GroundControl’s MfU (Made for UniDock) design achieves complete device management and security. Videos showing GroundControl enterprise solutions can be seen here. For more information, you can visit GC and their integration resources here.

For additional information on other GroundControl solutions optimized for Datamation Systems USB management and charging solutions, click here to see their video demonstrations.