Univault Secure Charging Cart for Chromebooks, Tablets and Notebooks

Univault Carts provide the highest level of security and cable management
features to charge 24, 30 or 36 devices.


Univault-36 Shown


Univault-24  Univault-30  Univault-36 Univault-36-PDC   

Note:  For high power consumption devices — such as notebooks —
look at the UNIVAULT-36-PDC.

Univault Charging Carts:

    • 24, 30 and 36 capacity models available to secure and charge notebook PCs, iPads/tablets or Chromebooks (up to a 15” screen) on three shelves, stored vertically
    • Innovative and secure three-point locking system: simply the most secure cart of its type, anywhere
    • Rear locking door with access only to the power strips and cabling; allows fast, easy, secure set-up
    • Power supply bricks plug directly into IEC adapted outlets (adapters provided).  This removes 108 feet of cabling, making the installation/integration of the cart faster and neater than any conventional cart (“QUICKSET”, a Datamation Systems innovation).
    • If you use higher power consuming devices, use the 36-PDC.  Its electronic power distribution controller directs power to three zones, optimizing charging for available power (more sophisticated than a primitive timer); available on 36-PDC model, along with whisper quiet ventilation fan
    • Four always-on auxiliary outlets configured for any block plug use; single exit cord; external lighted on/off switch; meets all applicable regulatory standards
    • Molded cord wrap brackets for safety and convenience
    • ABS fire-rated plastic dividers; removable and adjustable in ¼” increments
    • Padded handle for easy pushing
    • Additional equipment can be placed on top
    • Meets all applicable safety standards
    • Four 5” medical grade swivel and locking wheels
    • Color-coded keying for front and back compartments
    • Unique ID card system for naming cart
    • Proudly made in the USA

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Special Pricing on all Univault models.  Select model to see offers.

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Univault Features

Models available to secure and charge Chromebooks and tablets

36 devices in DS-Univault-36
Rear service compartment with innovative “Quick Set” design
Compact and secure

 Univault Installation

Installing 36 PSU’s in less than 7 minutes, using the Univault’s “Quick Set” design.
IEC adapters are provided with each cart, saving 108′ of cabling.

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